Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vanessa's 2 month doctor Visit

At her 2 month appointment Vanessa weighed 11.6 lbs, her height was 23 1/2 inches. She is smiling alot now and we are still adjusting to the chaos.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Getting ready to head over to Phil and Jean's for Christmas Eve

Camryn sweeping up the floors
Cute little Brandon. I got a picture of him standing still!
Brooklyn loves Elmo and she was so excited for Tickle-Me Elmo

Dennis, Kalen, and Brooklyn
At least we did not have any presents
Vanessa (8 weeks here) so tired from all of the holiday fun

Superstition Farms

We went to Superstition Farms before Christmas and we had such a great time. They had a petting zoo where you could feed the animals, hayrides, firepits to cook S'mores, and Santa was there. Brooklyn loves animals and had fun getting so close to all of them. She loved the cows and kept saying "moo" to them.

Starting a blog

I thought that with it being a new year, I would try something new. So this blog is now created. We really enjoyed Christmas this year watching Brooklyn get so excited about her gifts. Vanessa was only 8 weeks old during Christmas time, so she slept through most of the excitement. It was fun having Kalen's dad in town for a week to help us celebrate our first Christmas with both girls. He had so much fun with Brooklyn, crawling in and out of her Elmo Tent.